February 23, 2018  

This week we're focusing on five resources to identify and address the ways that strategic planning can go wrong. Boardview recently reported that 80% of the leaders they surveyed feel their organization is good at crafting strategy buy only 44% feel they are successfully implementing their strategic plans. 

5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

Five Resources for identifying and addressing the ways strategic planning can go wrong

10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail This article from Forbes Magazine includes a variety of potential hazards and solutions including; not understanding the environment, partial commitment, unwillingness to change and no follow through. https://www.forbes.com/sites/aileron/2011/11/30/10-reasons-why-strategic-plans-fail/2/#74490ad96988

Problems with the Strategic Plan This post focuses on how the strategic plan itself could prevent success and how to avoid these common mistakes. 

Three Reasons Why Good Strategies Fail: Execution, Execution… This post from the Wharton School of Business addresses the challenges with successful execution and provides 5 keys to 'getting the job done'.   http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/three-reasons-why-good-strategies-fail-execution-execution/.

Why Good Strategies Fail: Lessons from the C Suite - This article from the Economist and Project Management Institute (PMI) should be required reading for elected officials and senior management of all municipalities. It addresses the special role leadership has in insuring the implementation of a strategic plan.   

Close the Gap Between Designing and Delivering a Strategy That Works This detailed report from the Harvard Business Review includes 10 guiding principles for designing and delivering an effective strategy plan. The most important, in my opinion, is Number 1: Acknowledge that strategy delivery is just as important as strategy design.  https://hbr.org/sponsored/2017/10/close-the-gap-between-designing-and-delivering-a-strategy-that-works