Attribution By P199 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, link

Dutton Dunwich Community Economic Development Plan

Mellor Murray was retained by Elgin County to assist the Dutton Dunwich Economic Development Committee establish a Community Economic Development Plan to provide a framework for the Municipality’s economic development efforts.

Aileen worked closely with the volunteer committee, local municipal staff and County staff to develop a plan that reflected the needs and capacity of the partners. The plan included demographic and economic analysis and market threshold analysis, stakeholder engagement including online and hard-copy surveys, interviews and an on-line focus group. The Community Development Plan includes practical, actionable and affordable strategic actions that can be implemented by the existing human and financial resources.


“Aileen has successfully undertaken several economic development initiatives for the County of Elgin. Aileen has developed economic development strategies and action plans for several of Elgin's rural communities. Her approach is community-based which results in a visioning process and strategy development that is supported by the community. Aileen goes above and beyond to meet the needs of Council and community. Aileen has a solid understanding of rural economic development; and the work that is completed fully demonstrates her vast experience and knowledge working with rural communities.”

Alan Smith, former Manager Economic Development Tourism, Elgin County