City of Miramichi 
- Economic Development and Tourism Operational Review (2019)
Economic Development and Tourism Strategy (In Progress)

Mellor Murray conducted an operational review of the Miramichi Economic Development and Tourism Department. The study included a detailed review of the economic development and tourism program delivery including core activities and deliverables, a review and recommendation on the appropriate governance model, program delivery model and tourism marketing programming. The resulting recommendations were focused in four areas: structure, principles, programs and processes/performance.

Mellor Murray was subsequently retained to complete the City’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy. The strategic plan was paused during the COVID-19 crisis. The project is currently underway with an expanded mandate to incorporate economic recovery initiatives. The resulting strategic plan will establish the department vision, goals, objectives and actions for a five-year horizon. It will also include established performance indicators for measuring and reporting the department focus, while the tourism strategy will include recommendations for product development, marketing workforce development and support for tourism operators.