April 7, 2017  Today's 5 on Friday features five links and resources for Third Places: locations that bring business and community members together in formal and informal ways.  They are places where people discuss problems and desires, identify solutions and ways to achieve their goals.

Third places provide the comforts of home; the first place and the office; the second place as a location where a variety of people meet and engage. The common characteristics include providing a neutral ground, a leveller of social and economic classes, a focus on conversation, accessible and accommodating spaces, regulars and a home away from home atmosphere.

5 on Friday - Third Places from Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

Five Third Places Resources

Front Porches – An article from Clay Forsberg on the traditional role of  Third Places or as he calls them "Front Porches" Forsberg descirbes Third Places as the place where  social and economic development happens. He provides examples of organizations that have engaged the third place model to support the business community.  https://clayforsberg.net/2016/03/29/front-porches/

Ray Oldenburg - An interview with the sociologist credited with identifying and naming third places. Oldenburg says the most important third places today are libraries, fellowship halls and churches, remodeled YMCAs and coffee houses that are affordable to anyone. Oldenburg talks about how the business community has embraced the Third Places concept.  https://www.steelcase.com/insights/articles/q-ray-oldenburg/

Third places and rural community - A post from Saltwater Connections of 10 reasons why third places are particularly important in rural communities.  http://saltwaterconnections.org/2011/08/10/10-reasons-%E2%80%9Cthird-places%E2%80%9D-matter-to-rural-communities/

Social Benefits of Third Places - an article from the Brookings Institute on the social benefits of third places and risks to third places as people and their networks go digital.  https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2016/09/14/third-places-as-community-builders/

 Build Institute: An example of a non-profit in Detroit that expands on the Third Places models to provide services and supports for stage two entrepreneurs. The organization hosts Peer Roundtables: a series of 6 meetings for owners/CEOs of businesses looking to engage with fellow stage two entrepreneurs for meaningful and useful connections and interactions.   http://buildinstitute.org/program/grow/

The Outdoor Office - an innovative  service encouraging the establishment of Third Places in a local park.  Individuals can reserve spaces in a park to conduct their business.  https://goldentriangledc.com/event/outdoor-office/   Washington DC