May 18, 2018

Businesses across the country are scrambling to attract the skilled workers they need to support their growth plans.

This week we’re looking at five approaches to the hunt for talent.


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5 approaches to talent attraction

Talent acquisition: Enter the cognitive recruiter This article from Deloitte Insights lists a variety of tactics savvy businesses are employing to enhance their recruitment efforts such as new technologies including videos and gamification, a strong digital employment brand, ensuring a compelling candidate experience and expanding sourcing channels to include full-time and part-time workers, freelancers, gig workers and crowd applications.

Your Windsor This video project was produced by three businesses in Windsor, Ontario to support their recruitment efforts. The video addresses misconceptions about Windsor and promote the City's benefits.

School in the Plant Concept This article from the Windsor Star features a custom training program developed by a mould making company to fill the local skills gap. The in house program trains workers to acquire the skills they need. The company is expected to recoup its investment in 6 to 12 months.

Returnships - This company in Toronto offers 'returnships' to help stay-at-home moms transition back to the workforce.

Moncton's Talent Attraction Efforts - This is one of three articles detailing Moncton, New Brunswick's programs to attract the talent required for their growing economy. The program includes working with local educators to ensure the talent pipeline addresses business needs, repatriation of New Brunswick residents who now live elsewhere, retaining youth and immigrant attraction including international immigrants and newcomers living in urban centres elsewhere in Canada.