June 29, 2018

This week's 5 on Friday looks at street art and its role in economic development, tourism and community building.


5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.



5 links on street art

Wynwood Walls, Miami -  This former warehousing and manufacturing area has been transformed through the introduction of street art. The area is now a top tourist attraction it is home to artists’  creative businesses coffee shops and some of the hottest restaurants in Miami.
ULI Global Awards for Excellence: Wynwood Walls–Miami - Urban Land Magazine

Can Graffiti be Good for Cities? This article from Fast Company that makes the case for graffiti. It says that graffiti is an indicator of a hot or trendy area, a precursor to a cultural and creative hub and a tourist draw.

The Case for Street Art in AthensThis article from the Economist reinforces that message with a case study in Athens which is gaining a hip and edgy vibe through graffiti.
How angry street art is making Athens hip

The Effect of Street Art on Real Estate Prices According to a recent study from UK’s University of Warwick, neighborhoods that have a higher proportion of urban art such as murals, outdoor sculptures or even local art events, have experienced the increase of the market value.

Toronto’s Most Impressive Street ArtThis link from Toronto Tourism highlights street art throughout the city for tourists to discover. The post also provides links to StreetARTToronto. StreetARToronto’s aim is to develop, support and increase awareness of street art and its role in revitalizing and adding character to Toronto neighbourhoods. The program  provides support and funding for street art projects, also includes programs for traffic signal boxes, concrete barriers and underpasses.