December 15, 2017  

On this cold and snowy day, I'm sharing a post from the middle of summer on 5 lessons in economic development from Halifax. I had just returned from a short trip to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. While I was there I saw a number of notable economic development initiatives and trends that could be applied to communities across the Country

5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

Five  Economic Development Lessons from Halifax

Construction and Business Impact Argyle and Grafton streets are typically busy streets featuring independent shops and outdoor cafés. This year however the streets are undergoing significant reconstruction. An article from CTV outlines the major impact this reconstruction is having on local businesses. I’ve provided a link to the City’s efforts to keep residents and businesses informed of the construction progress and their efforts to minimize the constructions’ impact on regular business.

The North End Halifax's North End is a neighbourhood in transition. This gritty neighbourhood is home to social agencies and trendy restaurants, vintage shops and new condo developments. I’ve attached links to the North End Business Association website, an article on the district’s gentrification and a link to a condo sales sites outlining the many benefits of living in the North End.

Murals  There are murals throughout Halifax and I’ve included links to 2 sites that list some of the highlights in the City. I’ve also included a link outlining the benefits of a mural program from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

The Market The Halifax  Seaport Farmers’ Market, is the oldest, continuously operating farmers’ market in North America.  A survey on the economic impact of only Saturday openings for a year, estimated that Saturdays at the market generated $22.5 million in direct sales and $18 million in spin-off activity to local businesses in the downtown area. But the market has become than just a generator of dollars. It has become an incubator and promoter for small businesses, a testing ground for new products and a partner for community organizations.

Halifax Economic Growth Plan  - a link to the Halifax Partner's  5 year plan. The growth plan has 4 goals: 
Promote and Maximize growth
Attract and retain talent
Make Halifax a better place to live and work
Align economic development