December 8, 2017  

This week I'm sharing links to 5 business leaders that I follow to motivate and inspire my work.


5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

5  Inspiring Business Leaders

Daniel Pink Dan combines his knowledge of social science and business to provide insights in employee and customer motivation. His books include Drive: a study on what motivates people to act and To Sell is Human which was recognized by the American Marketing Association as the Best Book on Marketing in 2012.

Tim Ferris. Tim first became known through his book the 4 Hour Work Week first released in 2009. He has gone on to produce a podcast where he consults with Business leaders on the routines, practices and philosophies that contribute to their business success. His latest book, the Tools of Titans takes the lessons from his podcast in a book format.

Seth Godin Seth provides pithy posts on business and life. His blog includes musings on best practices, competing on price and effectiveness over efficiency. His book Purple Cow: Transforming your business by Being Remarkable has changed the way people think about leadership.

Bill Gates Although he is obviously a strong business leader I’m even more impressed with Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts. His work in saving lives through malaria prevention and immunization is extraordinary. His thoughts on energy innovation are also progressive and compelling. Check out his book review section for an eclectic and rich library.

Sheryl Sandberg Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook. She introduced “Lean In” to business language first as a TED talk and later as a best-selling book addressing how women unintentionally hold themselves back in their careers. She encouraged women to “sit at the table,” seek challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals.
Lean In