December 1, 2017  

This week we’re taking a look at 5 resources on infrastructure and economic development; how infrastructure investment supports economic development, why it is critically important and investment in some key infrastructure projects


5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

5  Resources on Economic Development and Infrastructure

3 Ways Infrastructure Drives Economic Development - This article from details how infrastructure supports economic development by creating and retaining jobs, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce and fostering sustainability.

For Canada’s growth, a second phase of infrastructure investment is key - This article penned by David Dodge, the former governor of the Bank of Canada and others says that Canada must invest in infrastructure to address its growth challenge. They argue that  "strategic infrastructure that unlocks private sector investment and innovation and provides gateways to new markets is an essential part of the solution."

Investing in Ontario’s Infrastructure for Economic Growth and Prosperity - This detailed report from the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario includes chapters on the benefits of infrastructure investment, economic impact measurement, optimizing infrastructure investment, transit investment, public private partnerships and occupations generating employment from infrastructure investment.

The Need for Investment in Canada’s Trade Infrastructure - This report from the Canada West Foundation and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a reminder of the fundamental connection of our economic well-being as a country to this category of transportation infrastructure that enables the movement of products, services and people to key markets around the world.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge –  The official website for the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority. This bridge that will twin the Ambassador Bridge at the Windsor – Detroit border and is arguably one of the most important active infrastructure projects in Ontario and Canada. This website provide facts, figures and status report on the project mandate, mission and governance,Construction, project management and community benefits.