March 30, 2018

Economic development can have all the intrigue and plot twists of a major movie and this week I thought I'd share five examples of economic development in the movies. These movies highlight the ridiculous, the serious and the very funny aspects of working to support the economy and the large scale and personal impacts of economic change.


5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

5 movies for economic developers

Little Pink House (2018)   Based on the true story in New London, Connecticut of the application of eminent domain. A small-town resident fights all the way to the Supreme Court when politicians want to bulldoze her home to make way for new development. The movie is set for a limited release in April.

The Grand Seduction (2013)  Fictional story of Tickle Head Newfoundland. The story of a small town that needs to attract a full time doctor in order to attract a factory to the community and what they are prepared to do to get a visiting doctor to stay.

Kinky Boots (2006) and the subsequent Broadway musical with music written by Cindi Lauper. The story of a company that needs to evolve its product line to address the competition from cheaper imported goods. It tells the story of outward migration and ultimately product diversification.
Movie (2006)
Broadway musical

The Big Short (2015) is the surprisingly entertaining and funny movie based on Michael Lewis’ book about the financial crisis of 2007-2008 a small group of investors who bet against the US mortgage market.

The Full Monty movie (1997) and musical (2018)  tell the story of six unemployed steelworkers, their struggles to support their families and their evolution as they form a male striptease act. This very funny story tackles the impact of unemployment, depression and family breakdown and an impersonal social assistance system.
Broadway musical