Sept. 7, 2017  

I'm on the road this week so today’s 5 on Friday is a revisit of 5 resources on establishing performance measures that matter. I'll be speaking on Performance Measures at the Ontario East Municipal Conference in Kingston on September 13. Please come and say hello if you're attending.

5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

Five resources on performance measures that matter

Measure what Matters Organization – The Measure What Matters organization is advocating for an alignment of social, economic and environment measures for corporate, national and global organizations.

Measure what Matters –  from the Economist. A call to expand performance measures beyond GDP to include  household income, consumption and wealth, qualify of life and the well-being of future generations (through education, research and natural resource utilization).

4 Steps to measuring what matters – from the Harvard Business Review.
Step 1: Define your objective (for example employment, sustainability, economic wealth, assessment)
Step 2: Establish a cause and effect to assess objective drivers.
Step 3  Identify the specific activities to help achieve the objective, linking the objective, measures & actions
Step 4: Reassess to determine if the measures are they still appropriate

Examples of Measures that Matter –Fast Company asked the leaders of 12 organizations — from the CEO of Sun Microsystems to the dean of the London Business School to the commissioner of the Women’s National Basketball Association — to identify the metrics that matter most to them.

Two Ways Measurement Leads to Goal Achievement – Forbes Magazine cites research showing that performance measurement encourages competition and encourages accountability.