November 24, 2017  

Population decline is not just an issue for communities in rural Ontario. There are communities around the globe that are addressing declining population numbers and the impact these declining number are having on their communities. This week’s 5 on Friday looks at 5 responses to population decline.


5 on Friday -Aileen Murray on Vimeo.

5  Responses to Population Decline

Economic Impact of Global Population Growth Rates - This video from the BBC explains the global population growth rates and the impact on the economy. It would be a great tool to share with stakeholders to put the issue in a global context.

St. William's Harbours Last Days - This article from the CBC radio news chronicles the last days of St. William’s Harbour Newfoundland from the human and government perspectives.

New to Grey – This pilot project is expected to attract and retain newcomers in Grey County. The program will include developing a newcomer welcoming network, coordinating events and workshops throughout the County and creating resources and toolkits for newcomers, communities and employers.

BaCK to Chatham-Kent - This resident attraction focuses on repatriation. Part of a larger resident attraction program, BaCK to Chatham-Kent targets a younger demographic; former residents that grew up in the community and have moved away. The program uses Chatham-Kent youth that have returned to the community to provide testimonials on the merits of coming home.
Check out the baCK to Chatham-Kent video below.

Promoting Fertility. This video shows shows highlights from TV ads from around the globe aimed at increasing the birth rate. These videos from Poland, Denmark, Singapore encouraging their residents to get busy and 'breed like rabbits'.